Cooler Master NotePal X1 Notebook Cooler Review

>> 16 Mei 2009

As we all know only too well, over the past couple of years, the popularity of portable computing systems, whether we're talking about netbooks, notebooks or laptops, has reached some unprecedented high levels, due to the high level of versatility all of these devices can provide. However, despite allowing users to communicate, work and play wherever they might be, these things also have some minuses, one of the most important being related to the heat.

We're quite sure that each of you (well, at least those of you who've ever used a notebook) can testify to the fact that these things tend to get very hot, especially if you're using them for extensive periods of time. Of course, they won't cause burns, but they'll get you all sweaty, especially if you're holding them on your lap.

One of the most commonly-used solutions to this problem is represented by notebook coolers, and this is exactly the type of product we'll talk about as follows, namely the Cooler Master NotePal X1 model, which proved to be a surprising product, at least as far as its design is concerned.

Despite the fact that it's been around for quite some time now, the X1 remains a worthy contender on the notebook coolers' segment, especially that dedicated to portable computing systems with a maximum display size of 15 inches. In other words, it will work quite well with both your older laptop or notebook and the brand new netbook (or CULV notebook) you've just purchased.

Plus, this thing is without a doubt one of the coolest-looking such products we've seen arrive on the market, one that you'll be able to use both at home and in public venues, since it will surely draw positive attention due to its unusual form factor and design.

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