DaemonTools for Windows 7 with SPTD 1.58 by Ferry

>> 23 April 2009

The Daemon Tools is one of the most popular software to emulate a CD and DVD drives. This function is very useful for playing the disc - and ISO for example - without the need to record it on a CD or DVD media.Its use is very practical! After its installation, an icon is generated in sytray (bar beside the system clock) which contains all the features of the program, accessible with just one mouse click. It can emulate up to four separate virtual drives, both with support for assembly of units with copy-protection - SafeDisk, Securom, LaserLock and RMPS.

1. Download DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0305.
2. Install it by choosing a trial version of Advanced. To do this you must activate your email address online.
3. Run the installed program, without access to the Internet and configure it.
4. Close the program and block any access to the Internet for that.
5. Start Configurer.exe folder Genéricos Trial Starter 1 / 01 OEM.
6. Enter the virtual date, select the path to the executable program file Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0304 (if someone does not know which is DTPro.exe).
Click Apply and have a file Starter.exe, which will now be run Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0305.

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